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101: Orientation and Basic Principles
102: Tools, Fasteners, and Knots
103: Introduction to Safety, Navigating the NEC® and EWR Plans
104: Introduction to Electric Charges and Basic Math
105: Applied Math, Circuit Theory, Plans & Specs
106: Applied Math, Ohm’s Law, Electrical Symbols, Boxes, and Box Fill
107: Conduit Bending
108: Dwelling Circuit Requirements, Outlet Locations, and General Lighting Load
109: Conductor Types, Ampacity, Overcurrent Protection, Type NM Cables, and Common Voltage Systems
110: Voltage Drop, Cable, Conduit, and Tubing
111: First Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam
112: Conductor Terminology, Switches, and Receptacles
113: GFCI, AFCI, and Other Special-Purpose Receptacles
114: Luminaires (Lighting Fixtures)
115: Box Fill and Introduction to Series Circuits (Front Bedroom)
116: Box Sizing and Series Circuits (Master Bedroom)
117: Lighting and Small Appliance Branch Circuits
118: First Semester Final Exam

119: Track Lighting, Dimmers, and Introduction to Parallel Circuits (Living Room)

120: Laundry and Bathroom Receptacles and Parallel Circuits
121: Garage and Garage Door Circuits, Underground Installations, and Parallel Circuit Calculations
122: Appliance and Special Purpose Outlets
123: Ranges, Ovens, Counter-Mounting Cooking Units, and Other Kitchen Appliances; Equipment Grounding Conductors
124: Bathrooms, Exhaust Fans, and Hydromassage Tubs
125: Heating and Air Conditioning
126: Residential-Limited Energy Systems
127: Second Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam
128: Multi-wire Branch Circuits and Introduction to Combination Circuits (Recreation Room)
129: Combination Circuits, Conductor Ampacity Correction, and Conduit Fill (Workshop)
130: Services and Service Equipment, and Cost of Electrical Power
131: Grounding and Bonding, Specialty Tools
132: Overcurrent Protection and Circuit Conditions
133: Service Entrance Calculations
134: Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
135: Home Automation, Standby Power, and Photovoltaic Systems
136: Second Semester Final Exam
Y1 Annex V Common Voltage Systems


201: NEC® Scope, Definitions, Working Spaces, and Branch Circuits; Hazardous Locations; Common Voltage Systems
202: Service Calculations, and Class 1 Installations
203: Services, and Class 2 Installations
204: Conductor and Overcurrent Protection; Class 3 Installations
205: Grounding Terminology, Equipment Grounding Conductors and Commercial Garage Installations
206: Grounding Electrode System, Main Bonding Jumper and Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities
207: Ohm’s Law Review, Article 300, Aircraft Hangar, and Bulk Storage Facilities
208: Conduit Fill, Box Fill, Pull Box Sizing, Raceway and Cable Support; Spray Applications
209: First Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam
210: Switches, Switchboards, and Panelboards and Health Care Facilities
211: Flexible Cords, Luminaires, Appliances and Health Care Facilities
212: Introduction to AC Theory and Places of Assembly
213: AC Theory – Inductive and Capacitive Reactance: Miscellaneous Buildings
214: AC Theory – Impedance and Power Factor: Temporary Installation
215: Single-Phase Transformers: Introduction, Types and Applications, Single-Voltage Calculations and Connections
216: Single-Phase Transformers: Dual-Voltage Calculation and Connections, and Fault-Current and Code Calculations

217: First Semester Exam Review
218: First Semester Exam
219: Three-Phase Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution; Introduction to Three-Phase Ohm’s Law
220: 3Ø Transformers: Delta-Delta
221: 3Ø Transformers: Delta-Wye
222: Non-Linear Loads: 3Ø Fault Currents and Voltage Drop
223: Transformers: NEC® Requirements
224: Buck-Boost Transformers: Single- and Three-Phase, Connections and Applications
225: Buck-Boost Transformers: Calculations and Selection
226: Generators, Transfer Switches, and Emergency Systems
227: Second Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam
228: Electric Motors: DC and AC Single-Phase
229: Electric Motors: Polyphase
230: Motors: General Knowledge and Sizing Branch Circuit Conductors
231: Motor Branch Circuit Overcurrent Protective Devices: Short Circuit and Grounding Fault Protection
232: Motor: Overload Protection, Disconnects, Starters and EGC
233: Locked Rotor Current and Phase Loss for Motors; A/C and Refrigeration Equipment; Fire Pumps
234: Motor Feeder Conductors, OCPDs, and Tap Conductors
235: Final Exam Review
236: Final Exam


301: Practical Guide to OSHA and NFPA 70E
302: Introduction to Grounding and Bonding
303: General Requirements for Grounding and Bonding
304: System Grounding: Grounded Conductors, Systems required to be Grounded, and Systems Not Permitted to be Grounded
305: System Grounding: Separately Derived Systems, Main Bonding Jumpers, and System Bonding Jumpers
306: Grounding Electrode Systems and Grounding Electrode Conductors
307: Line-Side and Load-Side Bonding
308: Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors
309: Grounding of Specific Equipment & Conditions
310: First Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam
311: Print reading: Project Design, Development, and Specifications
312: Print reading: Site, Civil, Survey, and Structural Drawings
313: Print reading: Architectural Drawings — Lines, Dimensions, and Wall Types
314: Print reading: Architectural Drawings — Schedules, Details, and Coordination
315: Print reading: “MEP”, “M”, “E”, and “P” Drawings
316: Leadership: Foreman Training
317: First Semester Exam Review
318: First Semester Exam
319: Test Instruments and Test Instrument Safety

320: Toggle Switch, Push Button, and Basic Load Symbols — Introduction to Ladder Diagrams
321: Introduction to Contactors and Relays
322: Applications Using Contactors and Relays
323: Manual and Automatic Control Devices
324: Ladder Diagram Applications
325: Automatic-Control Practical Applications
326: Magnetic Motor Starters
327: Magnetic Motor Starters and Pilot Devices: Practical- Application Emphasis on Holding Contacts
328: Second Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam
329: Motor Overload Protection, Motor Power Connection, and Practice Scenarios
330: Magnetic Motor Starters: Practical-Application Emphasis on Overload Protection
331: Motor Reversing: Controllers and Connections
332: Magnetic Motor Starters: Practical-Application Emphasis on Reversing Motors
333: Latching Relays, Alternating Relays, and Jogging Circuits
334: Magnetic Motor Starters: Practical-Application Emphasis on Multi-motor Equipment
335: Second Semester Final Exam Review
336: Second Semester Final Exam


401: Energized Electrical Work Relative to NFPA 70E
402: Power Distribution Systems and Phase-Loss Monitors
403: Solid-State Relays and Phase-Loss Lab
404: Timing Relays: On-Delay, Interval, and Recycle
405: Timing Relays: Practical Application of On-Delay, Recycle, and Interval Timers (Stop Light)
406: Timing Relays: Off-Delay, One-Shot, and Multifunction
407: Timing Relays: Practical Application of Off-Delay, One-Shot, and Multifunction Timers (Lubricating Oil Pump)
408: Counters and Sensors
409: Mid-Term Review and Exam
410: Motor Starting Methods
411: Motor Drives — Accelerating and Decelerating Methods
412: Introduction to Programmable Controllers
413: Advanced Lab — Automatic Car Wash
414: Energy Management and Building Automation Including Latching Relays
415: Fire Suppression Systems and Advanced Lab
416: Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
417: First Semester Exam Review

418: First Semester Final Exam
419: Introduction, Definitions, and Boxes
420: Cables and Underground Installations
421: Raceways and Conductors
422: Dwelling Units: General Provisions
423: Dwelling Units: Specific Provisions
424: Services: Equipment, Working Space, Grounding & Bonding
425: Commercial Installations
426: Hazardous Locations and Health Care Facilities
427: Mid-Term Review and Exam
428: Miscellaneous Occupancies and Special Equipment
429: Industrial Services, Transformers, and Feeder Taps
430: Motors and Power Quality
431: Service and Load Calculations
432: BCES Application
433: Fire Alarm Systems – Introduction and Overview
434: Voice/Data/Video—Introduction and Overview
435: Final Exam Review
436: Second Semester Final Exam
Y4 Annex V Common Voltage Systems