Our Electrical Apprenticeship Program for 2023-2024 has started and we won’t be taking applications until April 1, 2024 for our 2024-2025 program year.
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On Site Program

Cedar Lake On-Site Electrician Apprenticeships

In-Person Apprenticeship Programs & On-the-Job Training for Electrical Contracting in Cedar Lake, IN

IEC Midwest offers a four-year electrical apprenticeship training program in Cedar Lake designed to provide an electrical apprentice with the necessary theory and practical training to earn the status of journeyman electrician.

An electrician is a highly-skilled tradesperson who combines electrical theory, knowledge of electrical equipment, and the necessary job skills to safely and correctly perform services which enable consumers to utilize electrical, low voltage, and renewable energy for such purposes as lighting, heating, operation of electrical equipment, motor control systems, and appliances.

With traditional classroom instruction, the Midwest IEC four-year Electrical Apprenticeship Program is based on the nationally recognized U.S. Department of Labor curriculum.

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First Year

Semester 1 – Electrical Wiring 1

Electrical Wiring 1 covers the basics, concepts, and introduction to the following: Tools, fasteners, National Electrical Code, house plans and spec, math, circuit theory, Ohm’s law, boxes and box fill, outlet locations, general lighting, voltage drop, switches, receptacles, GFCI, AFCI, lighting fixtures, series circuits, branch circuits, safety.

Students are required to demonstrate their skill in know tying and conduit bending.

Semester 2 – Electrical Wiring II

Electrical Wiring II covers the basics, concepts, and introduction to the following: Parallel Circuits, special purpose outlets, grounding conductors for residential, heating and air condition, residential limited energy systems, energy systems, combination circuits, conduit fill, grounding and bonding, overcurrent protection, service entrance calculations, swimming pools, spas and tubs, home automation, photovoltaic systems, safety.

Second Year

Semester 1 – Electrical Systems I

Electrical Systems I builds on the knowledge acquired in Electrical Wiring I & II and expands into the National Electrical Code. It covers the following: NEC scope, definitions, service calculations, class 1, 2, & 3 installations, services, conductor and overcurrent protection, equipment grounding conductors, grounding electrode system, bonding jumper, Ohm’s Law review, article 300, conduit and bod fill, raceway and cable support, switches, switchboards and panelboards, health care facilities, single-phase transformers, single and dual voltage calculations and connections, safety, AC Theory – inductive and capacitive reactance, impedance and power factor.

Semester 2 – Electrical Systems II

Electrical Systems II continues to cover the National Electrical Code as it pertains to: Three-phase power generation and three-phase Ohm’s Law, three-phase transformers: delta-delta & delta-wye, three-phase fault currents, and voltage crop, buck-boost transformers, generators, transfer switches, and emergency systems. Electric motors – DC and AC single-phase and polyphase, sizing branch circuit conductors, overcurrent protective devices, short circuit, and grounding fault protection. Motor feeder conductors, OCPD and tap conductors, safety.

The student will show their knowledge in winding a DC motor.

Third Year

Semester 1 – Electrical Grounding, Bonding, & Print reading

Electrical Grounding & Bonding covers the National Electrical Code for Electrical Grounding and Bonding based on the following: General Requirements, System Grounding – grounded conductors, systems required to be grounded and systems not permitted to be grounded, separately derived systems, main and systems bonding jumpers. Grounding electrode systems and conductors. Line-Side and Load-Side Bonding. Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors. Grounding of Specific Equipment and Conditions, Safety. Print reading – provides the basics and concept of reading a project specification book and relating it to the plans provided for an actual building of a school.

Plans reviewed are: site, civil, survey, structural, lines, dimension, wall types, schedules, details, and coordination, MEP, M, E, & P drawings. Included in one lesson on Leadership Training, safety.

Semester 2 – Electrical Motor Controls I

Electric Motor Controls I covers the basic concept of the following: Test instruments and Safety, Introduction to ladder diagrams, applications using contactors and relays, manual and automatic control devices, ladder diagram application, automatic control application, magnetic motor starters devices, motor overload protection, motor power connection, magnetic motor starters on overload protection, motor reversing – controllers and connections, latching relays, alternating relays, and jogging circuits, safety. Students will show their knowledge of several practical application requirements to the instructors.

Fourth Year

Semester 1 – Electrical Motor Controls II

Electric Motor Controls II expands the student knowledge of Electric Motor Controls I to: Power distribution systems and phase-loss monitors, solid-state relays, timing relays-on-delay, interval and recycle, off-delay, on-shot and multi-function, counters and sensors, motor starting methods, motor drives-accelerating and decelerating, introduction to programmable controllers, energy management and building automation, fire suppression systems, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, safety.

Once again, the student will show their knowledge in several different applications to the instructor.

Semester 2 – NEC Code Review

NEC Code Review is a review of the NEC – Introduction, definitions and boxes, cables and underground installations, raceways and conductors, dwelling units, services, commercial installations, hazardous locations, health care facilities, occupancies and special equipment, industrial services, transformers, motor and power quality, service and load calculations. It engages in an introduction and overview of fire alarm systems and voice/data/video, safety.

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